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To help commemorate this momentous occasion we are inviting all former staff members (both summer staff and year-round staff) to celebrate together at a Staff Reunion!


Help us find past staff so we can invite them to the 2028 STAFF REUNION!
(Scheduled for June 10, 2028)

In an effort to update our staff alumni records, we need your help to ensure that everyone is invited to the upcoming reunion.  Even if you already receive mail from Lutherlyn (like the annual newsletter or other updates) we may not have you (or your friends from staff) marked as a former employee.  

Please complete this form and encourage your fellow alums to do so by sharing the link

Even if you are not able to attend the reunion, we are working on a new staff alumni website and newsletter and would love to have all former staff included.


P.S.  If you are a Facebook user, we have many former staff groups.  We encourage you to join the group(s) that reflect the years you were on staff.  You can find them by searching the group names below:

   Lutherlyn Past Staff - 1948 - 1959
   Lutherlyn Past Staff - 1960 - 1969
   Lutherlyn Past Staff - 1970 - 1979
   Lutherlyn Past Staff - 1980 - 1989
   Lutherlyn Past Staff - 1990 - 1999
   Lutherlyn Past Staff - 2000 - 2009
   Lutherlyn Past Staff - 2010 - 2019

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