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LEEP Special Programs

"Life in a Vernal Pool: A Focus on Native Amphibians"

March 9th 2024 10:00am-2:30pm

Join award-winning naturalist, April Claus, and the Lutherlyn Environmental Education staff for an in-depth examination of the ecology of Pennsylvania vernal ponds.

This special program is $40 per person for a day program. The program will begin at 10:00 am at the Environmental Education Center at Lutherlyn. Participants should bring their own brown bag lunch/drink and be dressed to go outdoors and tromp through muddy conditions. Class description below.

Register online at

Questions? Call the L.E.E.P. office at 724-865-9079.


This class will introduce you to these unique breeding pools and showcase the behaviors of some of our most endearing amphibian species.  Participants will learn how to identify amphibian egg masses and meet some live specimens of native salamanders, toads, and frogs who utilize these fleeting spring ponds.  The first portion of the workshop will be held indoors, and after lunch, the group will visit a nearby vernal pond to make observations in the field. Topics covered will include discussions about vernal pond inhabitants, mole salamander genetics, symbiotic relationships, and the best management practices for protecting vernal ponds on your own property.  This program is geared towards adults or teens with a strong interest in biology/herpetology.