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Our Herd

The herd at Lutherlyn Equestrian Center typically includes twenty to twenty-five horses and ponies.  Our herd lives at the LEC year-round and is cared for by a wonderful community of staff, students, and committed volunteers.  Just like people have unique personalities, so do horses, and some of the smallest ponies in our barn have the biggest personalities!  

Take a few minutes to meet our herd, they're a great group of sweet, patient, and sometimes silly personalities.


Support Our Herd
Your time and gifts make a difference!

Horses and ponies require a lot of care, which can be costly.  Feed, supplements, fly masks, blankets, brushes, therapies, medicines, treatments, farrier visits, and veterinary care are all necessary to keep each member of our herd healthy and happy.  We are grateful to the many generous donors who provide gifts which help us provide the best care for our horses.  If you would like to make a gift to support our herd, please visit to make a gift.  You can designate your gift by selecting Lutherlyn Equestrian Center.  Gifts to help cover the cost of therapies and preventative care are particularly helpful to keep our horses all feeling their best.

The LEC is also blessed with hardworking and committed volunteers who help us keep things running smoothly.  In addition to helping us care for our herd members, dozens of general maintenance projects are completed by our wonderful volunteers.  They keep our students and herd safe by mending and maintaining fence lines, clearing ditches during rainy seasons, cleaning windows, removing cobwebs, repairing gates and stalls, cutting grass, cleaning and organizing the tack room or supply area, helping with therapeutic riding sessions and much more. 

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer please contact Teresa (one of our instructors and volunteer coordinator) at 724-996-4577, no horse experience is required; anyone can help us make a difference!

Lutherlyn is a designated 501(c)(3) and depends on the financial support of its community.  Make a tax deductible contribution today!
Gifts can also be mailed to Lutherlyn, PO Box 355, Prospect  PA 16052.  If you'd like to designate your gift please include a brief note with your request.