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Online Forms

Parent Profile, Daily Email, & Dietary Concerns

TO PARENT/GUARDIAN: Please fill out this form at least 2 weeks prior to your camper's arrival at camp. This information is confidential and is very helpful in preparing for the week. 


If your child does not have any food allergy/intolerance please respond with "none" or "N/A".

General Information for Cabin Counselor

What is the swim level of your camper?

While your camper is at Lutherlyn, we will send out a daily e-mail update about our week at camp. After you click "submit" for this form, a screen will come up with a link to sign-up for the daily e-mail updates. Please sign up by clicking the link and entering your name, email address, and the week # that your child will be at camp. The e-mails are sent through "constant contact" from Occasionally these messages end up in a junk mail folder. Even if you are already on Lutherlyn's e-mail list, you still must do this step to choose the week that you would like to receive the e-mail updates.