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Summer Camp


NEW SUMMER STAFF - Follow These Steps to APPLY:

RETURNING SUMMER STAFF - If you have already served on summer staff in the past 3 years, please complete the Returning Staff Application. Returning staff DO NOT need to submit references again.

Employment: June 2-August 3 (The first 2 weeks of employment are staff training. We will consider hiring for a partial summer, if needed.)

What We Do

Lutherlyn is a God-given place to be accepted, challenged, and sent. As a staff, we welcome and accept all campers just as they are. We challenge them to get to know each other, get to know more about themselves, grow in their faith, gain independence, and have a whole lot of fun in the process. We send them out into the world to let their light shine and make a difference in the world. Our first priority is always the safety, well-being, and supervision of the campers.

Being on staff is hard work, but staff members have a significant impact on their campers and it is life changing for each staff member too! We operate within a small group camping model that focuses on intentional group building in cabin groups that typically consist of 6-10 kids and one counselor.

The camp week runs from Sunday afternoon through Friday evening.

Typical daily activities might include: nature activities, games, hiking, swimming, crafts, boating, fishing, sports, creek walking, group building activities, group challenge activities, Bible study, worship, campfires, sleeping out, cooking out ... and more!


Our staff is led by Deacon Debra Roberts, Executive Director and Rev. Ryan Fitch, Associate Director.

Lutherlyn is Accredited by the American Camp Association.

Who We Serve

We welcome campers without regard to race, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, or income. Campers are broken up into the following age groups:

  • Day Camp - entering grades 1-5
  • Young Folks - entering grades 2-3
  • Juniors - entering grades 4-6
  • Junior High - entering grades 7-9
  • Senior High - entering grades 10-12 and just graduated from high school

Sample Daily Schedule

7:30 Wake Up
8:00 Morning Watch (devotions)
8:15 Breakfast
9:00 Unit games/Unit staff meeting
10:00 Bible Study
11:00 Ropes Course or other cabin group activity
12:15 Lunch
1:00 Horizontal Time
1:30 Swimming, hiking, crafts, etc.
2:30 Activity time for campers to choose activities individually
2:30 Camp Store Open
5:15 Dinner
6:00 Cabin Clean Up
6:30 Evening activity
7:30 Evening Snack
8:00 Worship
8:30 Campfire
10:00 Candle Power (evening devotions) and bed time

*The above schedule is rough and does not include the schedule for special programs, nor does it include our special all camp events. It is only a guideline and can be molded to fit the needs of each cabin.

The above schedule reflects a "Classic Camp" schedule. In addition to the Classic Camp program, we offer the following programs: Night Owls, Life In The Wild, Horse Camps, Family Camp, Arts Camp, Model Rocketry, Adventurers, and Day Camps. For more information on these programs, please see our summer brochure.

Job Descriptions Summary

  • Unit Leader: At least 21 years of age with camp experience and strong leadership skills. Supervises Cabin Leaders, organizes, plans, and works with program areas daily. Must have drivers license and a clean driving record.
  • Cabin Leader: (Previously Counselor) At least 18 years of age and graduated from High School. Lives in a small group of 6-10 campers as their guide and role model for the week. Leads camp activities, Bible studies, worship, group building, and more. 
  • Adventure Program Coordinator: At least 21 years of age. Must have experience with rock climbing, belaying, and outdoor adventure activities. Coordinate and facilitate adventure activities (on site). This includes: High ropes course, zip line, climbing chimney, bouldering room, on-site rock climbing. Must have driver's license and a clean driving record. Training provided by Lutherlyn.
  • Adventure Cabin Leader: (Previously Adventure Counselor) At least 19 years of age and completed first year of college. Lives in a small group of 6-10 campers as their guide and role model for the week. Leads camp activities, Bible studies, worship, group building, recreation, and more. Adventure cabin leaders will be the cabin leaders for the Adventurer program and other programs with on-site adventures. Additional training will be provided prior to summer staff training. Must have an interest and some experience with rock climbing.
  • Waterfront Director: At least 21 years of age, holding a current lifeguard certification and WSI or equivalent. Oversees the safe operation of the pool and swimming lake as well as boating program. Leads and directs a waterfront staff of three lifeguards. 
  • Lifeguard: At least 16 years of age, holding lifeguard certification or higher. Guard and supervise a safe pool and lake waterfront program under the direction of the Waterfront Director. 
  • Cooks: At least 18 years of age. Enjoy people and cooking. Work under the supervision of the Food Service Manager. Prepare meals, assist in inventory control, carefully follow health standards and assist with kitchen clean-up. Must have some food service experience.
  • Kitchen Staff: Must be 16 or older. Enjoy working with people and food. Work with others to prepare, serve, clean-up and carefully follow health standards. Assist cooks in meal preparation. Includes dish washing, scrubbing pots and pans and serving meals. 
  • Grounds Crew: At least 16 years of age. Assist the Site Manager in aspects of grounds and facility upkeep. Includes cleaning, lawn care, trash removal, and general upkeep.
  • Store Manager: At least 19 years of age. Manage the camp store and camp store accounts; run the camp store. Assist the summer registrar with tasks related to summer registration. Coordinate other Department Staff needs as necessary.
  • Media Director/Photographer: At least 19 years of age. Take photos and video of campers and camp activities daily. Update the web site daily with the current photos, video, and news. Print and distribute camper mail and e-mail. Send e-mail updates to campers and parents. 
  • Riding Instructor: At least 19 years of age. Assist the Equestrian Director in training, feeding, health care, equipment up-keep, and overall safety in the horse program. Assist in teaching campers proper care and riding techniques. Must have horseback riding experience.
  • Crafts Director: At least 19 years of age, with a special interest in crafts and working with kids. Organize, stock, order and maintain craft supplies for a creative crafts program. Teach campers and staff various crafts and supervise campers while they work. 
  • Crafts Assistant: At least 16 years of age. Assist the Crafts Director in all aspects of the crafts program. 

Staff Positions and Salaries (per week)

Position 2024 Weekly Salary 2024 Contract Dates
Unit Leader $360/week May 22- Aug. 3 or 9
Cabin Leader $350/week June 2-Aug. 3
Adventure Program Coordinator $350/week May 29 -Aug. 9
Adventure Cabin Leader $350/week June 2-Aug. 3 or 9
Residential Riding Instructor $350/week June 2-Aug. 3 or 9
Commuter Riding Instructor hourly June 2-Aug. 3 or 9
Store Manager $350/week June 2-Aug. 3
Waterfront Director $355/week June 2-Aug. 9
Lifeguard $350/week June 2-Aug. 3 or 9
Crafts Director $355/week June 2-Aug. 3
Crafts Assistant $350/week June 2-Aug. 3
Media Director/Photographer $350/week June 2-Aug. 3
Kitchen Staff $350/week June 2-Aug. 3 or 9
Residential Grounds Crew $350/week May 22-Aug. 3 or 9
Commuter Grounds Crew hourly May 22-Aug. 9
Residential Cook $355/week May 22-Aug. 9
Coommuter Cook hourly May 22-Aug. 22

Recruiting Bonuses:

Recruit a New Applicant to Interview - $20 Amazon gift card. *Must submit email with recruited staff name to within 1 week of submitted application. Applicant must be new to Lutherlyn. All past staff are eligible for this bonus, do not need to be returning for summer 2024. Limit 4.

Summer Employment Bonuses:

Recruit New Staff Who Stayed All Summer - $80 *This can be combined with the interview bonus. Staff name must be provided to Ryan within 1 week of submitted application. Employee must be new to Lutherlyn.  Must be a member of 2024 summer staff and complete contracted dates to qualify for this bonus. Limit 4.

American Heart Association or Red Cross First Aid/CPR Certification - $25 *Can be combined with other bonuses. Not applicable for First Aid/CPR certification already provided through Lutherlyn. The certification must be valid through August 3, 2024. Must be a member of 2024 summer staff and complete contracted dates to qualify for this bonus.

High Ropes Training - $25 *Can be combined with other bonuses. Must attend all sessions of the training and pass the skills checks. Must be a member of 2024 summer staff and complete contracted dates to qualify for this bonus.

Archery Training - $25 *Can be combined with other bonuses. Must attend all sessions of the training and pass the skills checks. Must be a member of 2024 summer staff and complete contracted dates to qualify for this bonus.

No Requested Vacation Days - $100 *Can be combined with other bonuses. Must be present for the contracted employment period without taking unpaid vacation days. Excludes sick days or family emergencies. Must be a member of 2024 summer staff and complete contracted dates to qualify for this bonus.

All employment bonuses will be paid at the completion of summer employment and will be included in the final paycheck. Applicable taxes will be withheld.

The pay periods include the thirteen day staff training. Program staff will also receive first aid and CPR certification as a part of the training at no charge. Some contract durations may vary as needed. If a staff member quits or is dismissed before staff training is complete, they will not be paid for any of staff training.

Lutherlyn is a Pennsylvania State approved Work-Study site. Those who qualify may be eligible for $500-$700 in matching funds through this program. For information go to

Lutherlyn will conduct a Criminal Background and Sex Offender Check of all employees and volunteers. Staff who may drive camp vehicles will be required to provide Lutherlyn with Drivers License information.

The Programs We Offer

  • Click on this link to see our Program List and descriptions

Some Specifics for the Summer of 2024 The first two weeks of employment (June 2-June 14) will be spent in staff training (this includes Saturday and Sunday June 8-9). Staff training will include: CPR and First Aid Training, Ropes course facilitator training, group building skills, position specific skills (e.g. counseling, kitchen procedures, curriculum), and MUCH MORE! Camper weeks end on Friday night. Staff will be off from 9pm Friday through 11:00am on Sunday.

We WILL work on Saturday, June 8 (middle of staff training) and Saturday, August 3 (last day for staff).

Employment Information

COVENANT Upon hire, each employee will receive a Staff Covenant with details about the specific position, employment dates, and salary. Most positions are contracted from June 2-August 3. Some exceptions for longer or shorter periods may apply by position. Employment dates will be listed on each individual staff covenant. A signed Staff Covenant is required prior to the start of employment.

SALARY AND BENEFITS Each staff person receives a weekly salary plus room and board. Worker's compensation is also provided. The salary is paid every two weeks.

BACKGROUND CHECKS Background checks are required for all Lutherlyn employees. Upon hire, Lutherlyn will provide the future employee with a packet of background check information. Lutherlyn will submit and pay for the PA Criminal and Child Abuse Clearances. The Employee will submit and pay for the FBI Fingerprint background check. Lutherlyn will also conduct a search of the National Sex Offender Registry. All background checks must be completed prior to the start of employment and employment is contingent on background check results.

HEALTH FORM All staff must complete a health form provided by Lutherlyn. No one is permitted to work/stay at camp until a completed health form is submitted.

VACCINATIONS Summer Staff must have all of the vaccinations that are required to attend public school in PA. Vaccination dates/verification are a part of the required health form.

CITIZENSHIP VERIFICATION An I-9 form will be completed during staff training. Each employee must be able to prove U.S. citizenship or have proper visa identification.

WORKING PERMITS Any staff member under the age of 18 is required to have a Work Permit completed and on file at the Lutherlyn office before employment may begin.

STAFF TRAINING All staff are expected to participate in the pre-camp training program during the first fourteen (14) days of employment, unless arrangements are made prior to signing the covenant.

TIME OFF Each staff person receives at least 24 hours off each week. For most staff this is from Friday night through Sunday morning. In some cases the 24 hours must be granted at another time period during the week.

EVALUATIONS Evaluations are important and helpful for personal growth and program excellence. Staff will be required to participate fully in evaluations of the program, the staff experience and personal contributions. These may be both oral and written and may occur during the summer as well as at the conclusion of the summer. A written evaluation will be required before the end of employment.

INTERNET SOCIAL NETWORKING POLICY In general, Lutherlyn views social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, etc.), personal websites, and blogs positively and respects the right of employees to use them as a medium for self-expression. Employees should not have inappropriate content or details about their personal life on the internet that contradicts Lutherlyn's staff policies and expectations that parents, campers, or camp administration can access.

CONTACT WITH CAMPERS OUTSIDE OF LUTHERLYN Staff may not contact campers (minors) outside of Lutherlyn via e-mail, phone, internet, or in person without the knowledge and consent of the camper's guardian.


Please contact Ryan Fitch ( or 724-865-2161) with employment questions.