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Summer Camp

Classic Jr. High/Sr. High - Wednesday

  • Opening introduction to today's theme. Today is Lent.

  • Act of Kindness

    Today is a great day to write a thank you letter to someone that is important in your life.

  • Sing along to some camp songs and laugh at a skit!

  • Learn about the sustainable house at Terra Dei Homestead.

  • God Our Father

  • More thoughts on today's Lent theme.

  • Make a bird feeder for your feathery friends in your yard.

  • Visit Chapel Rock at Lutherlyn.

  • Make a Prayer Cube for meal time prayers

  • The Son Will Always Shine

  • Print the instructions for family game night.

  • There is a worship sheet to print and a video of worship.

  • Enjoy campfire at Miller Lake!

  • Close the day with some questions to think about and prayer.