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Summer Camp

Classic Jr. High/Sr. High - Friday

  • Introduction to today's daily theme. Today is Pentecost.

  • Affirmations are a big part of the Friday closing worship at camp. Take some time to share a blessing or words of affirmation with someone in your life. It could be a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a mentor, etc. Let someone (or more) know the ways that you see the light of Christ in them. Feel free to use the attached paper to write an affirmation.

  • Sing along to some camp songs and laugh at a skit!

  • One last visit to the garden at Terra Dei.

  • The Superman Prayer

  • More thoughts on today's Pentecost theme.

  • Use a tin can to make a constellation.

  • Join Todd at Lutherlyn's Acid Mine Mitigation Site.

  • Lutherlyn Crossword Puzzle

  • The Batman Prayer

  • Print the instructions for family game night.

  • There is a worship sheet to print and a video of worship.

  • Enjoy campfire!

  • Close the day with some questions to think about and prayer.

  • Thank you for joining us for Virtual Camp!