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Saturday Safaris
Lutherlyn Saturday Safaris are a great way to spend Saturday mornings! They are designed and open for families of all sizes and shapes, youth groups, scout groups, and any interested parties. The only requirement is that there is an adult responsible for all children.

Time: 9:30 am - 12:00 pm (additional maple session from 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm)
Place: Environmental Education Center at Camp Lutherlyn
Cost: $7.00 per person (children ages 4 and under are free). Payment will be collected at the event.
This fee includes the program, snacks, and beverages.

To Register: (724) 865-9079, EMAIL:

February 3, 2018: Compasses and Orienteering
This mostly outdoor activity will involve learning how to use a basic compass.  We will try several different courses using compasses and distances.  Time permitting, we will also learn how to combine a map and compass to navigate.
(Registration deadline: January 30)

March 3, 2018: Maple Sugaring
This Saturday Safari features winter tree identification, tapping a maple tree, collecting sap, and observing the evaporation process. Dress to be outside. There will be a morning session from 9:30- 12:00 and an afternoon session from 1-3:30. Please register for one session only.
(Registration deadline: March 1)

September 22, 2018: Survival Skills
Learn some of the essentials to surviving in the forest alone.  We will primarily focus on wild edibles, building a shelter, and building a fire.  Dress to be outside.
(Registration deadline: September 17)

November 3, 2018: Geology and the Rocks of Lutherlyn
Hike to one of Lutherlyn’s most unique places, Chapel Rock, and learn about the rock cycle.  Weather permitting, we will climb Chapel Rock.  We will also learn about the geology of western PA as we hike through a beautiful stream valley.  There will also be time to stop by Tunnel Rock, Table Rock, and the Rock Shelter.  Dress to be outside. 
(Registration deadline: October 30)