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Special Opportunities

Recycle Paper at Lutherlyn


Statistics show that 40% of a family's trash is paper. Recycling paper is a great step toward better stewardship of God's Creation. Lutherlyn has teamed up with Abitibi-Consolidated Recycling to offer you a way to reduce pollution, conserve resources, save energy, and provide money for ministry.

Located in the main parking lot at Lutherlyn is a bright yellow and green Paper Retriever bin. We invite you to bring your recycling with you whenever you come to camp.

Yes, Please:
Newspaper and inserts, magazines/catalogs, office/School papers, mail, paperback books, workbooks and staples without a problem, shredded paper (bagged)

No, Thanks:
Colored, paper, wrapping or tissue paper, carbon paper, sticky notes, cardboard, food boxes, fiberboard or chipboard, textbooks or hard cover books, phone books)

Paper Recycle Bin

We can turn your trash into $$ for ministry!