Running Wish List

Lutherlyn is often in need of specific items that will help us continue to provide a high quality experience in both programming and facilities.

Visit our Amazon Wish List to shop for items we need and send them directly to us! Or, if you see some items in our list below that you would like to donate, please contact the office first to obtain any specific details or instructions.

Running Wish List

Wish List 4

-pens & pencils
-copy paper
-post-it notes
-binder clips
-scotch tape
-masking tape
-painter's tape
-permanent markers
-20 per page labels

Wish List 3

-tacky glue
-pony beads
-seed beads
-tempera paint
-embroidery floss
-new markers
-new colored pencils
-paint brushes
-construction paper
-colored tissue paper

-Gift cards to Lowes, Agway, Carousel Horse, Dover, Lusters Saddlery, or Home Depot
-Sub compact tractor with front loader
-Tractor -Mower
-Impact Drill
-Hedge Trimmer
-Rubber Mats
-Garden Hoses
-Artificial Flowers & Bushes
-Iron Jump Cups
-New Helmets
-Pony Reins
-Bridles, horse & pony
-Fly Spray & Fly masks
-Probios Powder
-Small Pony Western Girth
   -womens size 9 and 9.5
   -mens size 12 and larger
-Joint Supplements
-Multivitamin Supplements
-Cat Food
-Cat Flea & Tick Treatments

 - Suzie: Cough Free, Probios
 - Checkers: Miracle Collar (pony size)
 - Tea: Mare Magic
 - Brit: Probios
 - Riley, Misty, Houston, Saison and Betsy could all benefit from Cosequin or Animed Glucosamine 5000 and Animed Pure MSM



Wish List 5

Adventure Programs
-Mulch/Wood Chips
-Mummy-style sleeping bags (0 degree-20 degree)
-Rock climbing shoes
-Bouldering pads/crash pads
-Bicycle helmets (new)
-Ground pads for camping
-Trekking backpacks

Wish List 1

-new dish towels
-new bath towels
-new wash cloths
-new twin sheets and pillow cases
-new queen sheets and pillow cases
-new sleeping bags
-Bibles (for campers who don’t have one)
-NEW jar candles (single-wick, unscented)
-plastic coat hangers
-flat screen televisions
-extension cords and power strips
-dry erase markers and erasers
-new easels and paper pads

Wish List 2

-backhoe attachment for Bobcat ($9000)
-Pickup Truck ($4,000-10,000)
-electric golf carts ($3000)
-Reliable mini van or SUV (for program use)
-ATV/4 Wheeler (for trail maintenance)
-volunteers for interior painting